Michael Coey

Prof. Michael Coey has degrees from universities in the UK, Ireland, France and Canada. After gaining his PhD in 1971 he was appointed Chargé des Recherches with the CNRS (Grenoble) and was visiting scientist at the IBM T. J. Watson Research Centre (New York). He moved to Trinity College Dublin in 1978, and became Professor of Experimental Physics, he took up his present chair in 2007. He founded Magnetic Solutions Ltd. in 1994, and co-ordinated the Concerted European Action on Magnets from 1985 – 94. His SFI-funded project on Conception and Implementation of Nanoscale Spin Electronics (CINSE, 2001–2006) was followed by Magnetic Nanostructures and Spin Electronics project (MANSE 2006–2010.) Honours include the Charles Cree Medal, IOP (1997), the Gold Medal of the RIA (2005) and an honorary doctorate from Grenoble (1994). In 2010, Prof Coey was awarded an Einstein Professorship; in 2011 he won the RDS/Intel Prize for Nanoscience and in 2012, the SFI Researcher of the Year.

Prof. Coey is an authority on magnetism and its applications, and it is this expertise that he will bring to AMBER, with particular applications for collaboration with Intel.