Martin Crane

Martin Crane received his B.A. B.A.I. (Mech. Eng.) degrees from Trinity College Dublin in 1989 and his Ph.D. from the same institution in 1993 in the area of computational modelling of viscoelastic solid dynamics. Since then he has worked in industry and academia on a variety of fields of Computational Science such as Time Series Analysis, Financial Data Analysis, Fluids/ Combustion Modelling, and more recently, Systems Biology. He has taught at the School of Computing, Dublin City University as a Lecturer since 1999 and a Senior Lecturer since October 2007.

During his 20 years of research at Hitachi Dublin Laboratory and DCU he has supervised 12 PhDs and 2 research masters to completion, with 4 primary supervised PhDs in progress. He also inducted and mentored 3 of these as PD into his team, two of whom became independent researchers and securing their own research funding. He has supervised 20 research focused Taught Masters dissertations.

Martin has joined the ADAPT Centre to work in the emerging Fintech research area.

He invites fellowship proposals in fields such as:
• Time series data analytics
• Predictive modelling and analytics
• Econophysics
• Financial risk management