Stefano Sanvito

Prof. Stefano Sanvito, an Italian national, graduated with a PhD from Lancaster University in 1999. Then, after two years as a post-doctoral fellow at the University of California Santa Barbara, he moved to Ireland and Trinity Dublin College, first as temporary lecturer in Physics and then as associated professor. Since 2012 he holds the Chair of Condensed Matter Theory.

At Trinity he created the Computational Spintronics Group, an international leading research group in the area of materials and device modelling. Flagship project of the group activity is the development and the maintenance of the Smeagol code, today the world-leading software for nanoscale device modelling. Smeagol connects Prof. Sanvito’s activity to about 200 research teams distributed over five continents.

Prof. Sanvito’s role in AMBER is that of providing theoretical support to the various experimental activity and to develop the materials genoma project. This is an advanced research protocol for the accelerated discovery of new materials, made it possible by the combination of state of the art electronic structure theory and data mining and artificial intelligence algorithms. Applications to two dimensional electronic materials and novel magnets are among those that will be pursued.