Peter Corcoran

Professor Corcoran is an ADAPT PI, Professor in Engineering & Infomatics, at National University Of Ireland, Galway (NUIG).

Research interests include (i) smart-imaging/advanced digital imaging solutions; (ii) biometrics for handheld & IoT devices; (iii) AI, deep learning, data augmentation & data generation (GANs); (iv) fog & mobile edge computing; (v) internet tech & IoT (vi) Embedded Edge-AI

Prof Corcoran established career is as follows:

  • IEEE Fellow; more than 450 technical publications
  • 100+ peer-reviewed journal papers
  • 150+ International peer-reviewed conference papers
  • Data Mapping and Semantic Mapping
  • co-inventor on 400+ granted US patents 100+ granted European, with another c.25 patents currently pending.
  • University Lecturer for 30 years
  • member IEEE Consumer Electronics Society 25 years.
  • Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine (to Dec 2016).
  • Completed 20+ funded research projects and managed 3M in research funding over the last 10 years.
  • Formerly Vice-Dean of Research & Graduate Studies in the College of Engineering & Informatics at NUI Galway; Director of Center for Computational, Cognitive and Connected Imaging (C3I) at NUIG.
  • Co-Founder of several start-up companies including FotoNation (