Marguerite Barry

Marguerite Barry is Assistant Professor at the School of Information and Communication Studies, University College Dublin (UCD). Her research interests are around ethics in technological design, conceptualising interactivity, technology and wellbeing, ethical virtual agents and interdisciplinary work between HCI and communication studies.

She is a member of the Ethics and Privacy Working Group at ADAPT and has published widely across both the HCI and digital media fields on the topics of ethical design in e-Health, modelling interactivity, interdisciplinary digital discourse studies, designing technologies for empowerment and web history. She is currently supervising PhD studies on ethical and policy frameworks in technologies for mental health.

Dr Barry is interested in supervising work the area of data protection and ethics, particularly in designing interactivity and in ethical design for virtual agents and in collaboration with industry partners with an interest in these technologies.

Dr Barry invites applicants up to Level 2 experience.