Luca Longo

Dr. Luca Longo is currently lecturer at Technological University Dublin, where he is a member of the Applied Intelligence Research Center, and MSc theses coordinator in the School of Computing.

Dr. Luca Longo is an Academic, National Teaching Hero, AI researcher and TEDx speaker who has a deep passion for science and has won various awards both for his research work and for his teaching. With his team of doctoral and post-doctoral researchers, he conducts fundamental research in Explainable Artificial Intelligence, Defeasible Reasoning and Non-monotonic Argumentation. He also performs applied research in Machine Learning and Deep Learning, mainly applied to the problem of mental workload modelling. He is an advocate of motivational teaching and strongly supports learning through passion. His vision is to formalise the ill-defined construct of human Mental Workload as a computational concept through deductive knowledge representation and reasoning techniques (Defeasible Reasoning, Argumentation Theory) and inductive modelling techniques (Machine Learning), coupled with ideas coming from Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI). Field of applications includes Human-Computer Interaction, Education, NeuroScience, Universal Design.