Louise Bradley

Prof. Louise Bradley is an Associate Professor on the School of Physics. Her research interests are in nanophotonics and plasmonics.

Louise Bradley received a BSc (First Class Hons.) in Experimental Physics from University College Dublin. She was awarded Forbairt and Trinity College Dublin scholarships to pursue postgraduate studies at Trinity College Dublin, obtaining a MSc in 1994 and a PhD in 1998. Her research has been funded by Enterprise Ireland, Science Foundation Ireland and the Irish Research Council. She has published over 130 scientific papers and collaborates with national and international research teams.

Recent work has concentrated plasmonic enhanced non-radiative energy transfer and emission. Material systems studied include semiconductor quantum wells and quantum dots, 2D materials and plasmonic systems. The group has expertise in simulation, fabrication and optical characterisation of metallic and semiconductor nanostructures. Fabrication techniques include He-ion and e-beam lithography, while characterisation techniques include fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy. The group is working on the development of novel hybrid material systems and plasmonic and metamaterial structures with enhanced functionality.