Ivan O’Connell

Ivan O'Connell

Ivan O’Connell is the Analog Mixed-Signal Principal Investigator at Microelectronic Circuits Centre Ireland (MCCI), hosted in the Tyndall National Institute. Ivan is also a CONNECT Funded Investigator. He received his BE degree and PhD from University College Cork in 1998 and 2005, respectively.

He joined MCCI in 2013 and is the Head of Group of the MCCI core research team. Since joining MCCI he has grown the MCCI core team to 20 researchers, which consists of Masters and PhD students, Postdocs, Research Assistants and Senior Researchers. His primary research interests are in the area of Analogue Mixed Signal Circuits and data converters. He is particularly interested in the application of this research in the application areas including: Internet of Things, Biomedical, Smart Agri and Energy Harvesting. He is currently a principal investigator in a number of Innovation Partnerships.

Prior to joining MCCI, Ivan was the Design Manager in ChipSensors, which was subsequently acquired by Silicon Laboratories in 2010. While there he was instrumental in the development of their digital relative humidity and temperature sensor products, and their subsequent commercialisation.

Ivan is particularly interested in working with EDGE Fellows in the following areas relating to Analogue IC design:

• Ultra Low Analogue Power Sensor Interfaces
• Ultra Low Power ADCs in Sub-Threshold
• Novel ADC architectures for Electrochemical Sensors
• Efficient DC-DC Conversion for Energy Harvesting
• High Speed Analog to Digital Converters
• Time Interleaving Techniques for data converters
• High Speed Analog Design for SERDES applications
• All Digital PLLs for SERDES
• Data Analytics for Sensors in IoT applications
• Industrial IoT Smart AC Power Measurement IC
• AC Field Energy Harvesting for smart sensors
• Energy Harvesting PMIC involving Transfer Printed GaN devices on CMOS
• Ultra Low Power Control for ULP Switch Mode Power Supply, based on Configurable State Machines
• AC PWRSoC Development
• DC PWRSoC Development. (employing GaN on CMOS)
• EH PMIC with on silicon Capacitors and Energy Storage
• Digital control for power management
• RF energy harvesting
• Switched capacitor DC DC conversion
• Analogue to Digital Converters
• Digital to Analogue Converters
• Analogue Sensor Interfaces
• Ultra Low power Design
• Digital Calibration for Data Converters
• Biomedical Electronics
• Electro-Chemical Sensor Interfaces
• Sub-Threshold Analogue Design
• RF Sensors
• Digitally Controlled Oscillators
• All Digital Phase Locked Loops
• High Speed serial communication