Dirk Pesch

Dirk Pesch

Prof. Dirk Pesch is Head of the Nimbus Centre for Embedded Systems Research at Cork Institute of Technology, Cork, Ireland.

His research interests focus on design and performance characterisation of algorithms, protocols, and services for future heterogeneous wireless/mobile networks, wireless sensor networks and vehicular networks with applications for smart cities, future manufacturing and smart buildings. He has 25 years research and development experience in national and EU funded projects both in academia and industry, having worked for Nokia before returning to academia. He has over 180 journal, book chapter, and international conference publications in his area of expertise. He received a Dipl.Ing. degree from RWTH Aachen University, Germany, and a PhD from the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland, both in Electrical & Electronic Engineering.

Prof. Pesch is involved in a number of national and international research projects, is a co- Principle Investigator (PI) in the SFI funded CONNECT Centre for Future Networks and the SFI funded CONFIRM Centre for Future Manufacturing. He is also heavily involved in international conference organization in the area of wireless and mobile and is on the editorial boards of Pervasive and Mobile Computing (Elsevier), Wireless Networks (Springer), and the International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks (Sage Publ.).

Prof. Pesch invites fellowship applications at level 1 and 2 on research topics that address problems in the following areas:

– Resource management in wireless sensor networks
– New protocol architectures for low power wireless networks
– Software defined low power wireless networks
– Dense low power wireless networks
– Virtualisation in low power wireless networks
– Interoperability in low power wireless networks
– Protocol design for vehicular networks
– Resource management in V2V and V2I vehicular networks