David Taylor

David Taylor

Prof. David Taylor is the Professor of Materials Engineering at Trinity College Dublin.

Educated at Cambridge University’s Department of Materials Science, from where he obtained a degree, PhD and ScD, Prof Taylor joined TCD’s Department of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering in 1983 and has been there ever since. He is a Member of the Royal Irish Academy and holds Fellowships of both Engineers Ireland and the Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland. He is editor-in-chief of the Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials and a director of the Association of Consulting Forensic Engineers.

Prof. Taylor’s work in AMBER is in the field of biomechanics, especially considered the strength and fracture of materials and structures. His work ranges from basic studies of material behaviour in a variety of biological materials (e.g. bone, insect cuticle, plant stems) to consultancy work with medical device companies on design and manufacturing issues, along with forensic investigations of component failure to assist the Irish courts.

Some of Prof. Taylor’s more specific research interests include:

1) Damage, repair and remodelling in arthropods:

Improving understanding of how animals with exoskeletons (e.g. insects, crustaceans) repair damaged body parts and adapt to changing stress environments.

2) Biomimetics – designing tougher materials and structures inspired by nature:

Using biological materials (e.g. nacre) and structures (e.g. the insect wing) to investigate how crack propagation can be inhibited, leading to tougher, more long-lasting devices and components.