David McCloskey

David McCloskey is the Ussher Assistant Professor of the Science of Energy and Energy systems in the School of Physics in Trinity College Dublin.

He leads the NanoThermal research Group (NTG) in the new Energy Theme in the School of Physics. His current research interests are in thermal conduction, convection and radiation in micro and nanoscale systems. The group uses nanotechnology and additive manufacturing to structure materials on the length scales of the heat carriers in these processes (electrons, phonons and photons and liquid molecules etc). This provides unprecedented control, allowing engineering the thermal properties of materials from the ground up. He has developed a suite of advanced optical and electronic techniques including femtosecond time and frequency domain thermoreflectance (TDTR, FDTR), CCD based thermal imaging (CCD-TR) and 3ω/ resistance temperature measurements to characterise new materials.

Application areas include thermal barrier coatings, thermoelectric materials and devices, high power high frequency electronics, and thermal control of microphotonics.

David invites candidates to contact him if they are interested in proposing research Fellowships on topics such as:

  • 3D printed flexible thermoelectrics.
  • Ultrafast dynamics and thermal transport in layered 2D materials
  • Study of thermal boundary interface resistance at solid liquid interface for microfluidic heat sinking