Shanti Chilukuri

ELICIT – A FramEwork for Naming and Look-up in Information Centric Networks for massive IoT Applications

IoT is considered to be one of the technologies that can help to solve some of the most pressing problems our society currently faces in resource and energy usage, environmental management and traffic control. An exciting domain for IoT is Smart Cities, where public and private organisations leverage IoT applications to provide innovative new services for the citizens. A major issue in massive IoT is addressing and discovery of devices, data and services. Global assignment of addresses and routing of data to highly dynamic devices with short life requires substantial infrastructure support and is a challenging task. Resource (content) resolution and discovery are two other crucial aspects to be addressed for the IoT, as billions of devices provide content and services and devices and services may both be dynamic, automated discovery becomes almost mandatory. In this context, a promising approach to solve the resource resolution and discovery problem in massive IoT is Information Centric Networking (ICN), which is considered a clean-slate network architecture. Due to features like name-based routing and in-network caching, ICN presents interesting benefits for massive IoT applications such as Smart Neighbourhoods, but needs to be tailored to suit their specific requirements. This project aims to explore the concept of ICN applied to massive IoT applications to design and evaluate a framework called ELICIT that tailors ICN to suit such applications at the network level. Specifically, it aims to design, implement and demonstrate a scheme for naming and discovery of devices, data and services in IoT using the ELICIT framework, with Smart Neighbourhood applications as use cases.