Sergio Pinilla Yanguas

“3DPrintBatt” : 3D printable microbatteries based on 2D nanomaterials

Nowadays, batteries are the most relevant energy storage devices. They are capable of storing enormous energy densities compared to other power devices, constituting the main choice for electronics, automotive and industrial purposes. To meet the ever-increasing requirements for such a variety of very demanding applications, new materials and chemistries must be developed to achieve higher energy density, higher power density, and longer lifetimes. In this proposal our goal will be the development of 3D printable microbatteries using high performance 2D nanomaterials as active materials. The research will be performed at the CRANN/AMBER research institute in the group of Prof. Nicolosi, a widely renowned group for their work in 2D materials. The candidate’s experience is related to the development of micro-batteries based on nanomaterials. This research’s objectives align well with the priorities outlined by Horizon 2020 (Building a low-carbon, climate resilient future, LEIT-NMBP).