Niclas Teichert

Compensated half-metallic ferrimagnets with perpendicular anisotropy: domain formation and domain wall dynamics for future spin-electronic devices without magnetic field

The performance of current information processing technology is mainly limited by the transfer of information between logic and memory. The vision of this project is to set the course to overcome this by pioneering a new technology that is based on specialized magnetic materials, the zero-moment half-metals (ZMHM).

ZMHMs offer the prospect of integrated logic and memory in combination with driving frequencies that exceed current technology, by two orders of magnitude. Within CHAMP, I will study the physical capabilities of these materials and I want to find efficient ways to write and transfer information with them at frequencies in excess of 200 GHz.
A successful implementation of the project would enable a new wave of investigations devoted to bringing a new technology based on zero-moment half-metals to market in 10–15 years.