Nabiul Islam

Enabling Bacterial Nanonetworks Toward Internet of Bio-NanoThings (“BacNet”)

Dr. Nabiul Islam is currently a Marie Curie EDGE postdoctoral fellow (supported jointly by European Commission and SFI Connect centre, Ireland) at the MEPS research unit, TSSG. Before joining TSSG, he was an ERCIM postdoctoral fellow at Department of Electronic systems, NTNU, Norway from November, 2016 to December, 2017. Nabiul Islam received his Ph.D. degree in computer science and engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur (IITKGP), India, in 2017. His current research interests include the design and development of algorithmic framework to enable bacterial nanonetworks to dissolve bacterial biofilms, and decoding spikes trains from head directional neuronal cells.