Marta Moreira Marques

“Pers4Change”: Development and evaluation of ‘personalisation features’ for digital behaviour change interventions: Supporting older adults self-managing with multimorbidities

The main scientific aims of Pers4Change are to advance digital health behavioural science by (1) creating an innovative classification system of personalisation features that can enable the development of more efficient DBCIs, and (2) develop an approach to enhance older PwMs engagement with digital systems through innovative individual tailoring, using the ProACT project to establish proof of principle. Within the overall scientific aims, we establish five interrelated objectives:
1. Develop a framework for specifying personalisation features for behaviour change interventions, which can be applied in digital solutions to support older PwMs self-managing their conditions.
2. Establish relationships between personalisation features and other behaviour change intervention features.
3. Examine which key features can be used to individually tailor the content and format of what is delivered in the context of a digital integrated care platform for older PwMs (ProACT project), and for the multiple support actors involved in providing care (e.g. informal and formal carers and health care professionals).
4. Explore the ways in which personalised features derived from behaviour change science can be used to interpret and complement predictive analytic methods to provide digital tailored solutions.
5. Explore ways of assessing the potential impact of tailoring features, in maximising engagement with the digital user interfaces, for older PwMs.