Cairnan Duffy

Development of Advanced Supramolecular Bioinks for 3D BioPrinting in Tissue Engineering Utilising High Throughput Approach

The primary aim of this project is to develop an novel library of ‘supramolecular bioinks’ that allows high-throughput cell screening to identify bio-compatable bioinks which can be used to produce cell encapsulated 3D printed structures. It is envisioned that these bioinks will overcome the limitations of the bioinks currently used for 3D bio-printing applications. Many of the bioinks currently used to produce cartilage and bone components either lack mechanical strength, biological cues or both. These new bioinks will allow 3D bio-printed constructs that have both structural integrity and the biological cues that are required for advanced tissue engineering constructs. It is hoped that this will provide a generic platform for a wide variety of 3D bioprinted tissue engineering applications