Pierpaolo Dondio

Dr. Pierpaolo Dondio is a Lecturer at the School of Computing, Dublin Institute of Technology, where he is a member of the Applied Intelligence Research Group.

Pierpaolo was awarded a PhD in Computer Science from Trinity College Dublin in 2009. Before joining DIT, he previously worked as a Senior Research Analyst for IBM and AON Insurance leading projects on Social Media monitoring. He worked for several research projects funded by Enterprise Ireland and the National Digital Research Center (NDRC), helping to raise about 0.8M in applied research funding. He is author of 40 academic papers in various theoretical and applied computer science fields.

Pierpaolo is primarily an AI researcher with core research interest in reasoning under uncertainty including abstract argumentation, approximate and probabilistic reasoning.

His applied research interests are in Network Science and Computational Social Science. Pierpaolo’s applied research includes social media analysis, user-generated content analytics, web communities behaviour, trust and social capital. Ongoing applications of his research are in the field of Education, Finance and Social Science. He is currently working on a project to investigate how social media analysis can help to understand the effects of migration and preserve cultural heritage.