Category Fellow Level 1:
Postdoctoral Researcher
Fellow Level 2:
Research Fellow
Fellow Level 3:
Senior Research Fellow
Living allowance 33 500 45 200 56 600
Mobility allowance* 6 500 6 500 6 500
Family allowance** 5 400 5 400 5 400

These allowances are included in each Fellowship award, for the host institute employing the fellow to derive a salary from. The actual salary will therefore be confirmed in the employment offer that follows each fellowship award. Please note that all or part of these allowances may be liable for employee tax and other deductions (see

In addition, the EDGE Fellowship provides generous contributions towards the direct costs of conducting the research proposal (i.e. consumables, publications, travel, specific workshop or training activities; €13 000 per annum for Fellows under the Advanced Materials and BioEngineering theme, and €7 200 per annum for Fellows in the Digital Content Innovations or Future Networks and Communications themes). Programme-wide management, training and development activities are all provided by EDGE.

* The mobility allowance is provided to compensate for the requirement for Fellows to relocate, and is therefore a constituent of the Fellows’ salary for the duration of the Fellowship.

** Family allowance is provided to additionally compensate for the requirement for Fellows with dependents relocate. Family is defined as persons linked to the Fellow by (i) marriage, or (ii) a relationship with equivalent status to a marriage recognised by the legislation of the country where this relationship was formalised; or (iii) dependent children who are actually being maintained by the Fellow.