Indrakshi Dey

FD-M2Mcomm: Cross-Layer Full-Duplex Design: Potential for Machine-to-Machine Communications

The primary goal of my project is to be able to maximize the end-to-end performance of Machine-to-Machine Communications (M2MCom) systems through Cross-Layer PHY-MAC Full-Duplex (FD) design. It is expected that numerical results over realistic link scenarios will show that this FD design significantly improves the achievable throughput and latency as compared to other key contending technologies like Cognitive M2MCom, non-orthogonal waveform-based unified air interface etc.

This FD cross-layer design proposed can successfully address some of the major challenges in M2MCom: a) efficient use of available spectrum supporting large-scale data communication and ever-increasing number of machines, b) energy efficiency through adaptive FD MIMO beamforming c) low latency requirements accomplished through FD operation and efficient spatial reuse, d) self-interference management achieved by switching between FD and half-duplex (HD) modes.

Successful deployment of this project will provide me an opportunity to develop an independent idea to address complex problems in a communication network that requires step-by-step problem solving and multi-disciplinary approaches. In turn, it will help me in becoming a world-class independent lead researcher and, steering a team towards developing innovative technologies, sharing knowledge across sectors and borders and setting up new arenas of industrial collaboration.