Applicants who consider that their proposal has been unjustly evaluated may submit a request for redress.

Requests can be made with regards to evaluation procedures that were followed and/or to the application of the evaluation criteria. Requests with regards to the scientific judgement of reviewers at any stage will not be taken into consideration.

Applicants must submit their request within 30 days of being notified of an evaluation outcomes (eligibility review, remote review, interview/selection).

Redress requests be submitted personally by the applicant.

==EDGE Redress Request Form===

This template form should be emailed directly to; acknowledgement will be given. A Redress Committee will review the submission, and applicants will be informed by e-mail within 15 days of the acknowledgement.

If the reasons given are accepted as valid, a new evaluation will be conducted, proceeding from the point of contention through the rest of the selection process.

Redress Committee decisions are final.